Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Picking up Auntee Roxy, Song, By Violet my 2 yr old.

Got to love a kid that has the ability to sing her way through the day.  While I sometimes miss these gems of songs because I am too immersed in day to day tasks, I am lucky at times to catch some rare moments on Voice note Recorder.  Enjoy!


P.S.  I couldn't put just the MP3 on blogger, so I attached some pictures of Pittsburgh from the recent fog over the city pictures I took and made a mini movie with the song.  Enjoy!


  1. foggy pictures were fantastic but i do think vi's song was priceless - robin and i still giggle over her little songs and stories of the pigs and how she kissed her mommmy and "boink"-ed her in the head, lol

  2. i will forever and ever love this song. i need xander to tell me how to save it so i never lose it! :) i think we should play this for her when she graduates ;)